Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Weeks Left...

I know that my blog posts are becoming increasingly few and far between, and I’m sorry for it. The Internet situation has become increasingly worse, and I only have another 3 weeks here. Crazy, no? I assume that by now there are very few people who read this, and I deserve that =P However, for the few of you who do read this (Hi mom =P), I’ll keep it up.
I’m currently in a “piso” (apartment) in Tarifa, Spain-- the southernmost point in Europe. Today I stood on a bridge; on my left I saw the Mediterranean sea and on my right was the Atlantic. The Atlantic was furious, with strong gusting winds and giant waves. The Mediterranean was its contrast, a blue, crystal sea with far less wind.  Five friends and I rented an apartment here for a beach weekend, and it was more or less a success. Granted, the winds are strong enough to explain why the Atlantic beach is famous for its kite surfing and it’s only about 65 degrees, but it’s been sunny enough to…well, as Kevin says, “Beach ourselves like whales.” 
The pasts two weeks have been a blur, spending time in classes and wandering Sevilla. I’ve been blessed to get to know Manu, a Spaniard who has been wonderful to me. Last Sunday we went to las Cetas (the Mushrooms), which is a series of huge white wooden structures that look kind of like mushrooms. We went up and walked around them, him speaking in English and I in Spanish as a kind of intercambio (exchange). I’ve only met with him a few times, but he’s been wonderful, correcting all of my mistakes and being willing to answer my endless stream of questions. I wish I had met him earlier, but I’ve improved after just talking with him twice. 
He also took me to watch the Hunger Games dubbed in Spanish (no subtitles). Guess what? I understood CASI TODO! Almost everything. Let me tell you, after being discouraged at the language plateau that I’ve hit, it was a blessing .
This Spain thing has been awful for my self-control and for my work ethic. My goodness, the food I have consumed and the homework I HAVEN’T done. I am making myself leave the beach early to get back to Sevilla and do homework. Why? Because…
IRELAND! In three days I’ll be there, and in four days I will be able to dance again. Love.  Dublin for 3 days and Galway for 3 days….Cliffs of Moher (think Princess Bride =P) and the national park (think PS I Love YOU)…and  I splurged and booked a B&B so we don’t have to stay in a hostel. 
Miss you guys…coming home May 12th. 

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