Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Japanese +Frisbees+ Bikes + Knees=Interesting Week...

This Spanish adventure wouldn't be complete without hectic midterms, Japanese people, bike incidents, frisbee cravings, and medical emergencies, no?

Well, it's good to know that I'm still the same person in some ways here that I was in the United States. I had five midterms last week that I really hadn't studied for, but the weekend before, I had the strongest urge to play frisbee. So I decided to go look for frisbees instead of studying on Monday; how hard could that be, right?


They play every sport in the world here BUT frisbee apparently. When I asked shop owners, I received an, "I'm sorry ma'am, we only play sell them in the summer. Although perhaps you could find them in the children's section..." Well, I tried again Wednesday instead of studying and received the same response. Then I crammed...tested, and life was fine. However, I still didn't have my frisbee.

The next step was to order it online. I tried, and the next day received a message that my order was rejected. My daddy was understood my frisbee need and let me use his credit card, but the same thing happened. So what is there to do?

Answer: walk to a bus station 45 minutes away, ask where the nearest sporting store is, get the number of the bus, ask the bus driver to tell me when to get off, walk through a sketchy neighborhood until I can find someone to give me directions, find the store, buy the BEAUTIFUL frisbee, ask someone for directions to a bus stop for Sevilla, and make it home. It was a good, good day...

You know what makes the day better? Almost-medical emergencies. I ran into my friends Kevin and Robbie, and we decided that we'd break in the new frisbee after their classes. Kevin got out early, so we went to go play. While we were playing, he decided to show me one of his old tap dancing moves (theater majors! Good boys), and as he was doing his turn, he screamed and crumpled to the ground. I ran to him, and he was holding his knee in his hand, telling me that he had dislocated it. At this moment in my life, I was really kicking myself for never having taken the first aid class that I had wanted to. I just kept thinking, "I'm a police officer's daughter. I should know better than this...fail." I didn't want to call an ambulance right away, because he didn't seem to be dying, so I gave him water and made him lay still as I called one of my friends, Ian, who I thought would have had experience in this sort of matter. He told me he'd be there in ten, and same with Robbie. So we sat there, me talking at him, holding his hand, and making him drink water every time he started saying how idiotic he was. The boys made it, and they spent 10 minutes discussing the best way to go about helping Kevin. Suddenly, he gave a yelp. We turned at him, and he said, "It popped back in!" *laughs* After giving him drugs (ibuprofen) and chocolate, he was a happy camper. And guess what? I still got to play frisbee =)

Last weekend we made a day trip to Córdoba, which had a beautiful Mosque/Cathedral. However, I will shamelessly admit that I spent as much time looking at the Japanese tourists inside as the building itself. *laughs* Yes, I miss Japan...

About bikes...I just think I should avoid them. At all costs. They aren't good for my knees to begin with, but I needed to get home in time for dinner, and I was late. My friend offered me the chance to use his public transportation bike, and I accepted hesitantly, warning him that I was sure to screw something up. He laughed at me, asking how I could possibly do that. Ha. It's me--I'd find a way.

Trip summary: 1st minute: run into a boy. 2nd minute: ride into the most crowded area and have to walk the bike. 4th minute: get stuck behind deaf men who can't hear my bell. 8th minute: turn onto a street with no sidewalk and a 100 car traffic jam. 9th minute: be THAT American pretending that her bike is a motorcycle and can compete with the rest of the traffic. 12th minute: see a shooting star (worth it!). Next day: find out that the bike wasn't put in right---we'll see how much I owe my friend in fees =P I'm going to just keep walking...

I hope that you all had a wonderful Spring Break and have been enjoying the gorgeous weather. Email me and update me on life if you get a chance--I LOVE hearing from you all. Or even better--write me a letter? Favorite thing EVER. I'm off--I have to do a few things before class. Lisbon, Portugal this weekend!

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