Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, culture...

Preface: Random and slightly cynical post.

Cultural differences intrigue me. Each time I encounter a new one I can’t help but laugh.

New game idea: Spain vs. U.S. –Who is worse? The objective of the game is for each country to show its most strange or obnoxious cultural differences.

Spain: Well, we spit in the street all the time…

U.S.: That’s nothing new. People in River Falls do it constantly and it grosses Katie out…

Spain: Well, we are overly dramatic all the time. Qué horror! Qué fatal! No me digas! My life is going to end!

U.S.: Well, at least most people in Spain don’t drink to get wasted like the majority of people in the U.S.

Spain: That’s okay, everyone smokes on the street and spends 10 euros a day on packs to make up for it…

U.S.: That may be true, but at least you enjoy your lives! We run around from 6:00 a.m. and drop into bed at midnight, exhausted by the amount of work we’ve done.

Spain: Well, we do laugh at people who say they want "liberty" and "rights." Working less and being taken care of is a good trade off for liberty.

Eek I wonder how many people I offended with that =P Yes, it's general stereotypes and doesn't apply to everyone.I honestly enjoy many things about both cultures, but some things are frustrating. Good to realize that one isn’t “better” than the other, you know? Different. Entirely different.

Fun fact: Did you know that people don’t do crazy proposals in Spain? Women hate the attention. If you do it, she’ll probably hit you.

I’m off to Barcelona tomorrow! Excited for the city, the culture, and the dancing (a month is far too long to go without swing dancing).

As promised, highlights of my trip via pictures....oh, fakeout. Upload failed...and I have to finish packing. Well, pictures are on Facebook, but I'll post some Barcelona ones when I get back.

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