Monday, June 22, 2009

I get a blog and then never update. *laughs* Whoops.

I have to praise God for a few things. When i wrote my last post, I was messed up over serving, not getting other jobs, etc. It's funny how when you finally just give it up and hand over your dreams to God, He changes things. I am now SO glad that I didn't get my other nanny job, because God gave me the perfect two jobs with kids that I already know. Plus, i get to play laser tag every Wednesday for FREE! *laughs* And by not getting that job, my time is open for serving! One more training and then I am officially a waitress. I love it.

College. Ahh?! In two months I will be living with a stranger, meeting more new people than i've met in my life, and perhaps working as an IT girl. (aka a computer fix-it person..which is hilarious in itself...considering i know nothing about computers =P) It's such an exciting prospect, though. For the longest time, I dreaded the thought of college. I liked my little bubble, my comfort. It was secure, safe, constant. But my heart was slowly changing during spring; now I am ready.

You know the feeling i've been missing? Beating boys in games. Love it. I used to play halo all the time, and i got this thrill from sniping or blowing up manly side? Regardless, I play laser tag every Wednesday at Brunswick Zone now. ($10 for unlimited play!!!) And I was playing with a bunch of guys and beat them all....they were talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out who Blade was....then they turned to me with a suspicious look and asked, "were you blade?" *laughs* Sorry, that wasn't a brag-about-Katie moment. It was just one of those "*sigh* i'm content i love competition against cocky boys moments." But i'm really not that good. Just a good game. Anyways, ya'll should come play sometime, because it's AMAZING!

And this has been the most random post i've ever had. Also the worst grammatically...kind of threw that to the wind this time. I miss you guys...feel like i haven't seen anyone in a long time. Have a good week though =) Maybe see some of you on the weekend? no se.

*late night edit*

New phase of life. God, we need your help.


  1. Are you excited about college, though? Or is it just something that's daunting to you?

    Well, at River Falls, maybe you can go over to David's room and play on his x-box. :P Lazer tag was amazing, by the way, an absolute blast. I think I'll have to go without you sometime so that I can get a top score once and a while too. :P (she really does domminate)

  2. <3 you.
    miss you.
    see you...

    i have my license.
    i will drive to river falls once a month if you get lonely! (cuz i have to pay for gas :P)

    come over and eat cheesecake w/ me sometime, k?